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Don't Rely on Only Friends to Keep Your Salon Afloat

When I decided to open my own salon and spa, I had so many friends excited to try my services that I didn't think I needed to invest in marketing. Those friends did come in frequently, but their business turned out to just not be enough to keep my bills paid. I then remembered that before I began as a hairdresser, I drove many miles to see my favorite hair-stylist that I loved. That made me realize that I needed to advertise not just locally, but throughout the entire region. I drove an hour to my favorite hair-stylist, so why wouldn't my customers? I held a great "new customer discount", and soon those new customers from neighboring cities became regular customers once they realized how much they loved my technique. I created this blog to help other struggling business owners. I hope you can learn from my experiences!


Don't Rely on Only Friends to Keep Your Salon Afloat

    Five Of The Best Online And Offline Business Marketing Strategies

    Businesses today, for various reasons, use both online and offline marketing strategies. Utilizing both online and offline marketing tools allow businesses to maximize the benefits offered by the two platforms for business marketing such as greater brand awareness, more repeat customers, and more customer engagement. Here are five of the best online and offline business marketing strategies that you can use. Social media marketing With millions of active daily users, social media sites are hard to ignore.

    Company Gear For Corporate Retreats: Three Ideas To Consider

    Corporate retreats offer a way for your team to learn more about each other and how to work better together. One way to help add to the overall experience is to provide attendees with some exciting promotional products. Here are some options for giveaways you might want to include in your next corporate retreat. Logoed Apparel For certain parts of the retreat, you might want your employees to wear clothing with your company logo prominently displayed.

    What Are The Benefits That Come From Hiring A Branding Consultant?

    If you want to make sure that your business has the chance to succeed as much as possible, you might want to think about hiring a branding consultant. He or she will be able to do a lot of great things for your company, such as the things discussed below. Once you see how beneficial it can be for you to hire a brand consultant, you might find yourself wondering why you never thought about doing it before.

    Things To Consider Before Embracing Scent Branding At Your Store

    Research has shown that using the right scents increase people's performance in the gym and make people in hotels more comfortable. This isn't really surprising when you consider that realtors have been using scent to sell homes for years — baking cookies right before an open house makes people think of the house as a cozy, family home. However, using scent as a marketing tool has only recently become popular with retail establishments.

    FAQ About Corporate Event Management

    Do you need to plan a corporate event that might have a substantial amount of attendees? If you have no clue how to move forward with making plans in a smooth manner, you might want to seek help from a company that offers assistance via event manage software. There are many services that you can take advantage of through an event manage company, which is why it is a great investment for your business.

    A Guide To Your Business Analytics

    When it comes to getting the most out of your business, you will need to know how to assess data and take actionable steps with it. You can do this by understanding the advantages of data science software, finding a company that can provide it for you, and looking into bringing in a data analytics professional. To learn more about what these services can do for you, read on and employ this information.

    Learn How To Have The Perfect Commercial Created To Promote Your Business On Television

    Commercial advertisements can be a great way to promote a small business. When you need to have a commercial created, it is best to hire a professional video production agency to help with the production to ensure that it is created properly. The following guide walks you through a few reasons why hiring a professional video production company may be the best option for your business. Have Equipment and Necessary Experience

    4 Tips For Taking Your Restaurant Marketing To The Next Level

    If your restaurant has a website and social media page, you may be wondering what else you can do to help build your reputation and increase business. Creating an effective marketing plan for your restaurant requires more than an online presence; you need tactics to increase your visibility among other restaurants. Engage In Collaborations Owning a restaurant is an excellent opportunity to formulate collaborations with social media personalities and bloggers. Your major focus should be finding people who have a niche in food or travel to help promote your business, but you may use other strategies depending on your locality.