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Don't Rely on Only Friends to Keep Your Salon Afloat

When I decided to open my own salon and spa, I had so many friends excited to try my services that I didn't think I needed to invest in marketing. Those friends did come in frequently, but their business turned out to just not be enough to keep my bills paid. I then remembered that before I began as a hairdresser, I drove many miles to see my favorite hair-stylist that I loved. That made me realize that I needed to advertise not just locally, but throughout the entire region. I drove an hour to my favorite hair-stylist, so why wouldn't my customers? I held a great "new customer discount", and soon those new customers from neighboring cities became regular customers once they realized how much they loved my technique. I created this blog to help other struggling business owners. I hope you can learn from my experiences!


Don't Rely on Only Friends to Keep Your Salon Afloat

    2 Main Benefits Of Outsourcing Fulfillment Services For Your E-Commerce Shipping

    E-commerce has been growing at a rapid rate in the recent past. In 2020, for instance, the total e-commerce sales in the US reached $759.4 billion. If you have an online store, you need to work on your delivery system to prevent delays and enhance customer satisfaction. However, instead of handling the shipping process all by yourself, you can outsource order fulfillment services. Doing so will help you save money and time, enabling you to focus more on growing your business.

    Addressable Advertising Can Be More Effective Than Advertising to Everyone

    Old advertising methods that were once the most effective are no longer the ones that reach the largest audience. Consumers watch a broad range of programs, and you will want to target your advertising to the specific type of customer who is watching the platforms you are advertising on. The Importance of a Personalized Experience Customers are much more likely to recommend and choose products when they are given a personalized experience.

    Searching For A Potential House To Buy

    The process of searching for a new home to buy can be one of the most important searches that you will make. The house that you eventually choose to buy will have a major role in determining your comfort as well as the financial returns that you may make on this purchase. Always Review Home Listings Before Meeting With A Real Estate Agent Before you meet with a real estate agent, it can be extremely useful to take a few minutes to review the local listings of properties for the area where you are wanting to buy.

    How Inflatable Advertisements Help Make A New Grand Opening Succeed

    Opening up a new business can be an exciting and unforgettable experience but needs to be done correctly to ensure success. For example, it is essential to nail the grand opening and make sure that people remember what happens during one. Thankfully, inflatable ads can help provide a business with the attention that they need. Why Grand Openings Matter A grand opening may seem a bit excessive to some companies, but they serve a fundamental goal.

    Why Add Digital Display Signage To Your Modest Storefront?

    If you haven't upgraded your storefront to be more modern and streamlined in many years, keep in mind that the way your store looks greatly impacts the way your customers view your business. Incorporating more modern technology into your storefront can go a long way to making your store more appealing to a wider customer base.  You can incorporate digital display signage into your storefront with many benefits as a result.

    Why Your New Business Should Invest In Linear Television Advertising

    The popularity of on-demand television and online streaming services might make it seem like there is no point in investing in linear television advertising anymore. But people do still enjoy watching their cable channels on their televisions at home, so linear advertising has plenty of benefits to take advantage of in this day and age. Here are just a few reasons to consider investing in linear TV advertising for your new business.

    5 Reasons To Hire A Marketing Agency

    Trying to guess your way through a marketing strategy can be tough, exhausting, and disappointing. You may have great ideas, but they may not work out as you originally planned. If you want to improve your business marketing and advertising efforts, it's worthwhile to get professional guidance. A marketing agency can help you make important marketing choices so that you have more success. Here are some of the reasons you may need to hire a marketing agency:

    Digital Marketing Strategies for Your Business

    Modern marketing is far more complicated due to the need for businesses to be able to utilize traditional marketing techniques while also taking advantage of the opportunities that digital technologies provide. By successfully striking this balance, your enterprise will find that achieving higher rates of growth will be far easier. Consider Whether Separate Product Websites Would Be Beneficial In addition to your business's primary website, it may also be advisable to have websites for each of your major products.